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Who is this woman?

My 88 year old mother lives in Knysna, an Eastern Cape coastal town in South Africa. She’s a robust old lady with a wicked tongue and no regard for the consequences. My father passed away 6 years ago, so we try and visit her annually. I am divorced and the youngest of three brothers, I tend to draw the short straw, end up staying for about 2 weeks over Christmas. This incident happened in December 2011.

Jonty - Miniature Schnauzer

Jonty 2004 – 2013. Miniature Schnauzer, a wonderful companion to my Mother.

When I arrived, she had a bad case of Pink Eye. No amount of advice could get her to the Doctor. She made every excuse in the book, “Oh the Doctors are too busy and can’t see me!”…

So, when I was asked to accompany her to town, to Clicks, a retail and healthcare store, (with in-store pharmacist), plus, we had to take Jonty, an 8 year old Miniature Schnauzer, I was very nervous.  She would always tell me “Jonty is allowed in Clicks, and all the other shops!”

There’s no doubt, we all, (our family, that is), have a huge debt of gratitude at the role Jonty has played, as companion, after my dad’s death. He survived our visits and kept my mother reasonably sane.

Apart from my vain protestations we ended up taking Jonty. Once out the car and on the way into Clicks, Jonty took a leak on the stairs, now I new trouble was coming. She dragged us into Click’s, the local Coloured folk leaping in all directions, to escape. Luckily Jonty didn’t start barking at them. By now I started sweating badly, so I quickly tried to escape, nipping down a side isle, hoping to avoid further embarrassment. No such luck, after about 5 minutes of listening to the mayhem inside the store she appeared from the other side.

She pushed her way to the front of the queue in an attempt to see ‘Sue’ the Pharmacist, who she considered her friend. Nobody dared to argue, including me. Sue took one look at mother’s pink eye infection and ordered her to see the doctor immediately, ignoring my mothers protests. She called the called the Doctors rooms on our behalf, made an appointment and sent us packing with a small bottle of Eye anti-biotic.

By this time, Jonty and I were exhausted, all the other customers queuing were staring into space and tapping their feet. Eventually we made our way out, even stopping to show Jonty some lovely colours, he was most impressed! (I could tell by the way he yawned). She led him passed more queuing customers waiting at the tills. By this time Jonty had stored up another full bladder and as we left and cut through the mall, Jonty found a white Christmas tree, he promptly lifted his leg, luckily missing the electric lights which were live and wound around the tree…

My mother just chuckled, luckily, she wasn’t able to take him into the supermarket to buy milk, so I agreed to go and then meet her back at the car. Ten minutes later, Jonty repeated his marking in the garden section of a Hardware Store, he found the nearest potted plant and watered it for about 10 seconds. Once again, she though it very funny.

Who is this woman? My mother was never like this, we would have had to wipe-up every drop, would never hear the end of it! She is so rebellious now, At 56, she still manages to embarrass me at the shops…

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