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Loyalty means more than pretty coloured plastic

Yesterday I visited 5 different chain stores, at each, the teller asked me if I had their loyalty card? I wondered, what these corporations must think, do we have so much free space available in our old wallets. Offer us some plastic and you will get us to shop there more frequently? Meanwhile the only reason I shop there is because they have specials or cheaper items I need

Loyalty means more than pretty coloured plastic

Loyalty means more than pretty coloured plastic

For me loyalty is a sacred word, reserved for friends, family and especially my animals, not shops or corporate service providers. I return loyalty to good shop assistants, doctors, hair dressers, any people who I deal with that give me great service. Sadly, most great staff go largely unrewarded for the extra mile they go for customers.

Now I hear you shouting, “But what about my rewards? We’re getting something for nothing!” Rubbish, whoever thinks there is a free meal is dreaming, we probably end up paying higher prices to cover costs of these promotional campaigns.

But then there is that great store image you love so much. Do you think those designers, contractors, project managers came for free? They created a sterile environment for us to make us feel warm, safe and cosy.

Just before I was sequestrated, I remember a large corporate where my brand loyalties had become immortal. For 11 years, my bill was insane at (±R3.500.00) per month, yet the very month I couldn’t pay, due to not getting paid from a customer, they took all those premiums and got a fancy corporate lawyer to do what felt like an assassination on me. I question the use of the word “Loyalty”.

If stores and corporates want our loyalty, then they need to start earning our trust again by trading honestly and ethically. After all, it is you and I who built those businesses by giving our support.

Besides this I am sure those loyalty cards are probably more about “big brother” tracking our buying cycles and collating data on our monthly spending habits rather than giving us any loyalty. They must really laugh to themselves when they realize how clever they were and how easily enticed we are.

Anyway I must go shopping now, can’t remember what I need but I am sure I will remember by the time I get there…




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