Today I am 57, I was Born 22nd November 1957

22 Nov

I have always though that this year and this birthday, would somehow be very special. This year would act as my benchmark of success for the future; show that I am Ok, doing well with upward momentum. Well, that hasn’t quite happened, but something better has cropped up! Let me try to paint the picture.

My mother is 88, turning 89 in January 2015. Every time I call her, she moans, she has bad back pain; she is still recovering from a hip replacement from earlier this year. She lives alone. But hell, she’s nearly 89 and living 1250 km’s away from any family in Johannesburg. Yesterday I called her to see how she was doing and she complained because “I was interrupting her Soap’s”! What can I take from this, I have great genes!

I have two brothers, both older than me, (I was the ‘late lamb’). I might not see them often, but this is only because we live some distance apart, we are all very busy and I don’t like reporting my current situation to them. I feel that I have made my bed, I’ll lie in it. However, if ever I have a real problem; either Clive or Trevor has always been there for me. Both of my brothers married great British women. Trevor is married to Heather who is always kind, hosts the perfect dinner party, or weekend at one of their places. Clive is married to Jeanette who is a good friend, a superb physiotherapist and probably the only person my Mother ever listens to. Both ladies deserve a gold medal; both are still married to my brother’s…

I have two sons, Nicholas and Christopher. Nicholas lives in London England, Chris down the road from my work in Kempton Park. I am very proud of Nicholas because he’s had a tough life without any of the privileges of a good stable family environment. He is one of the nicest young men to sit with and have a chat. He has a warm magnetic charm. He is independent even through great hardship, never asks anyone for any help. One day Nic, the world will be your oyster.

Christopher lives with his lovely wife Alicia, he regularly meets with his new family, about a 1000 Portuguese people, scattered throughout Johannesburg’s East Rand. I have never met such a friendly, generous, noisy, naughty, party mad bunch in my life.

Christopher hasn’t had it all his own way either, the last few years has been a tough character building exercise for him. He joined a strict company to work for, not only has he succeeded, but is starting to really prosper. He and Alicia work all day, Monday to Friday, then study after hours, they are busy getting their degrees. They are paying for the tuition themselves! Guys I am proud of you both, more than you will ever know!

John Tout, my best friend for all of the better part of 50 years, I have known you longer than you have known your own wonderful wife Jeanette. I have watched on quietly while your youngsters have grown up and become young men with their own brand of your legacy. You have always been a true and honest friend, you never pull punches, you are kind and generous always treating others to good times. You call a spade a spade. Thanks for always being there for me, always ready to give great un-adulterated advice and great braaivleis, (barbeque). May we share many more chats and red wine together, today!

Mike Lessick Mica Hardware, the place where I am employed. I have learned more here in 2 years, than in 13 years of managing and running my own business. I have also learned how to setup, design and administer shopping cart websites. I have learned how to take a website to the very top of Google without paying them a cent. Now I just need to learn to make money?


Flash (Beagle) and Spike (Yorkie)

I live in a 2 bedroom cottage in Benoni North Agricultural Holdings. I have adopted two wonderful dogs and the terror of the plot’s mice, a cat named “Push-wush”. I love living here, even when the landlord sometimes overcharges me for the services. Every day I watch 100’s of birds living on the land next door, all have their own personalities, I have seen some of their offspring born and grow up. I walk my dogs just about every day; I am privileged to look out into beautiful blue skies, trees and freshly burned turned green grass. I eat healthy taking in lots of vegetables, I make a mean chilli sauce.

Life is great!

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